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Nestled in the northeastern frontier of Costa Rica, near the Nicaraguan border, Barra Lodge (also referred to as Kawe Lodge Barra de Colorado) is a hidden gem, offering intimate access to an extraordinary tarpon fishery that is typically worth the price of admission. This idyllic retreat, accessible only by the gentle sway of a boat, sits tantalizingly close to the mouth of the Rio Colorado where many tarpon come and go - whether migrating through along the Caribbean coast or utilizing the Rio Colorado to access inland estuaries and lagoons. Here, anglers find themselves in a unique slice of a tarpon haven, where plenty of these majestic fish thrive in abundant numbers, offering a fishing experience that is truly once in a lifetime. Home to some of the most impressive and formidable tarpon on the planet, it stands as a testament as to why 12wt. rods and sophisticated drags on large capacity reels exist.

The allure of Barra Lodge extends beyond its world-class fishing. The lodge itself is surrounded by a serene sanctuary, harmoniously blending with the untouched natural jungle splendor all around. It's an extraordinary location to truly experience the unspoiled beauty of Costa Rica's coastal landscape. In addition to the natural beauty, the culinary journey here is an adventure as well, with local chefs conjuring up exquisite, authentic dishes. Each meal is a celebration of Costa Rican flavors, adding an extra layer of delight to the entire experience.

Immersed in this exclusive retreat, one doesn't just fish or dine; they become part of the very essence of Costa Rica – a dance with nature in its most raw and beautiful form. Barra Lodge isn't just a tarpon fishing destination; it's an experience that resonates with the soul, leaving a lasting impression long after your last cast. Angling Destinations would love an opportunity to put together an outing to this unique location for anyone looking for something a little different when it comes to tarpon fishing combined with a full submersion into a memorable Costa Rican ecosystem.


Double OccupancyNights/Days

Prices include:
Domestic flights and transport, all meals and snacks, captains and guides, basic travel insurance

Prices exclude:
International flights, fly fishing gear, gratuities, fishing license, alcoholic beverages (can be purchased on site)

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