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Day 4  
Anna Riggs and I went upriver with our guide Dan to walk and wade a side channel.  Bear sign was everywhere and we made as much noise as possible.  We went slowly through the little shallow channel hoping to spot 'bows behind the hundreds of chum that were on redds in the braid.  Anna and I traded fish while Dan enthusiastically searched for the biggest 'bows he could find. 

We started at 18 inches, went to 20” and kept going up in size from there.  Some of the bows were dark-backed, while others were blond and bright.  All were gorgeous with spots everywhere even in their eyes and lower lips.  My biggest bow of the day was a 23” male and Anna’s was a 22.5” female; both were strong and deep bodied.  All the rainbows were caught on glo-bugs and were spotted before being cast to.  Does it get any better than this?