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Another day... another sensational spring creek. Today, it was simple... I grabbed a spool of 3X and a box of flies. The difficult part was wading the stream's edge without getting your feet tangled in the undulating mats of luxuriant moss or stuck in the sticky marl. 

The drill was, to paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt, "walk quietly and carry a big fly." And that fly was a hopper... nothing else: no droppers, no tiny mayflies or clumsy nymphs, just big, ugly hoppers. Everything worked including Morrish hoppers, luna negras, chubby hoppers... you get the picture! Throw these big flies into a backcast, snap them into a tight loop and put them unobtrusively in a weed-free slot or next to the bank.

I chose not to cast without first locating a fish. To search likely looking spots was to send the message to any fish in the neighborhood, 
"Here I am!" 
It was far better to let a fish betray it presence through a tail  or a rise or a subtle swirl. Once you located a fish, you could spend your energy wading quietly into position and then making an accurate cast. If you put these steps together properly, a big head would inhale a big fly. There is nothing better!

On our last day, we fished McCoy's Spring Creek. I fished with my old friends Chic Born, Julie Carmichael and Terry Dillon. The day was as hot as the fishing. Smoke from Idaho's forrest fires gave an eerie glow to the day, but did nothing to detract from yet another classic hopper day. With dozens of fished tagged, it was a great way to end our trip! 

I want to thank Healing Waters Lodge and its sensational staff and guides for taking such good care of our FISH group this year. I think every member of FISH would agree, if you want a classic mix of legendary public "floatable" water and incredible "walk and wade" private water, great meals and lovely accommodations, Healing Waters Lodge is the best choice. If you are interested in learning more, give Angling Destinations (800-211-8530) a call and I'll hook you up with this sensational crew!