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golden dorado in argentina
In Argentina, the freshwater dorado is known as the “river tiger”. It is a radiant, golden salmon-like fish with a powerful jaw jam-packed with sharp teeth. Imagine crossing a pit bull with sea-run brown and throw in the aerial pedigree of a big Alaska rainbow and you’ve got some idea of the allure of this species. Now here’s the best part... these voracious fish are taken in the gin-clear waters of the Ibera marshland usually with floating lines and often with top-water flies or sub-surface streamers. After a wicked strike, dorado explode in a series of heart-stopping jumps interspersed with relentless, line-stripping runs. 
The fishing is done by stalking the shallows with Hells Bay skiffs complete with poling platforms which are manned by excellent guides. The ideal water conditions of this 3.2 million acre wetland (more than twice the size of Florida’s Everglades) allows anglers to sight-fish for cruising fish that range in size from 5-18 lbs. This is “tarpon fishing” in freshwater and should be on any well-versed fisherman’s must-do list (even the diehard, saltwater-only angler).
You certainly won’t have to rough it on this trip! Accommodations are in the form of spacious en suite bedrooms, fully air-conditioned with two double beds and French windows that open out to a shaded veranda. A separate building accommodates the elegant living room, bar and dining room where sumptious meals are taken. A 20 meter pool is the perfect place to cool off after a hot day in the wetlands and is also a great place to siesta during the heat of the day (before you head out to catch the evening bite).
If beautiful, exotic fish, violent strikes and powerful runs are your passion, you need to venture south and try your skills on the golden dorado. If you appreciate lovely accommodations and fine dining, all with a backdrop of one of the world’s most beautiful and unique landscapes, then please consider visiting this lovely 3000 acre estancia this year. Catch an Argentinian “tiger” and experience a truly unique angling destination.