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Nymph tips

1.  Use longer leaders and less weight.
2. Vary your weight rather than moving your indicator or changing your fly.
3. Cast-mend-strip.  Cast upstream, mend as soon as the line hits the water, and strip to gain control of your slack.
4.  After you mend and gain control of your slack, hold the rod high while your line passes in front of you , then follow your line downriver while you lower the rod and follow the line with the rod tip.
5.  Stack your mends as line passes in front of you.  Throw several mends behind the indicator for a good drag-free float.  Never have any of your line downstream of your indicator.  Be ready for the strike.
6.  When using an indicator,  watch for the slightest movement.  Don’t wait for it to dunk under or run away.
7.  Don’t wade too deep.  Old timers would say the only reason they wore hip waders was so they would know when they were fishing too deep.
8.   Cover more water only after you have quartered all the water in front of you, then search different areas of that water.
9.  The key to good mending is:  the higher the rod tip goes in the air on the mend, the further the mend will travel across the water.
10.   When setting the hook for a strike, use the same motion and energy that you would to pick it up and cast it.  
11.  Clean your fly line everyday - this allows you to pick up your line easily and mend completely through your strike indicator.
12. Notice how many times we have mentioned mending in this list and you’ll have  the real secret to being a great nymph fisherman