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With all the bugs fluttering about last night it looked like it was snowing. There were caddis, many species of mayflies and lots of cottonwood seeds hovering in the warm summer air.
My trout flies were a mess so I needed to to do a bit of sorting before I could go. When I looked at the pile of fly boxes I had picked to sort through, it reminded me of that game with the stacked wooden blocks… is it called Jenga? In any case, I'm off in the morning!

Snow in June?

Take the box from the bottom and put it on the top!

A speckled tail with a whisper of pink gave these bows away.

Great day! Water was still high and a bit off-color. I was expecting to catch predominantly browns, but ended up catching mostly 'bows on a big stonefly dry. Some of the takes were beautiful. I could see these bright 'bows peel out of bankside eddies finning hard to catch up to my fly in the fast water. Most of the 'bows I was able to see first when I saw a spotted tail and a flash of red. They were feeding on emerges by darting out of the soft water into the bubble lines. Pretty cool!
I did manage one 20+ inch brown on a purple hopper towards the end of the day. I didn't take time to photograph the fish as lightning was striking the hills about 600 yards away!