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I started a correspondence with Eric English many months ago. I'm not sure if it was on Facebook or on this blog FLY PAPER. In any case, Eric seemed like an enthusiastic and energetic guy and I enjoyed our back and forths. Eric, an ER Doc from Virginia, had fished on Acklins Island with guide Fedel Johnson... me too!

Guide Fedel Johnson

Most recently, I had fished with Fedel on our Sea Hunter trip last May. We both loved the island's remote flats and enjoyed fishing with Fedel. (I had met Fedel more than 15 years ago when he was a guide at Greys Point Bonefish Inn. Fedel and GPBI apparently had a bit of a falling out and now Fedel was running his own little operation. It was great for me to reconnect with Fedel after so many years).

Eric's plate… Fish Taco!

A few months later, Eric asked if he could paint one of my photographs from my last trip to Crooked/Acklins Island. He said he was enthralled with the photograph and of course, I was flattered. I told him I would be honored, but honestly I didn't think about it again. Then a few days ago, Eric sent me a photo of the watercolor he had done using my photograph and said,

 "I appreciate the great fishing photography you are doing. I'm researching a water color reproduction process called Giclee and once I have that painting copied I'll send you the original as a token of my appreciation for letting me paint your photograph.  I firmly believe in crediting the original photographers for their remarkable creation."  
Thanks Eric, You made my day!

Obviously, Eric is passionate bone fisherman and artist!

Then unexpectantly, Eric sent me a few sketches he did while on his Acklins Island trip (apparently in lieu of a daily journal). Now it was my turn to be enthralled. I think Eric's drawings are great and wanted to share them with the readers of this blog. Eric has a lot of fun whether he is fishing or recounting the events of the day. 

Good on you Eric and keep at it!!