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The annual FISH Trip (Forum for Indiana Subjects in Healthcare) just concluded last week. This year marked FISH XXV. Yes, our twenty-fifth year... a quarter century of chasing around the world seeking fish with fly rods. To celebrate this event, we chose the site of two previous FISH extravaganzas and one of our favorite destinations... Wyoming's 7D Ranch. Located in western Wyoming, the 7D sits in the stunning Sunlight Basin off the Chief Joseph Highway. Here, we fished for cutthroats in Yellowstone National Park, floated the Shoshone River near Cody and fished many of the streams and creeks that flow into the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone. In doing so, we enjoyed some of the most remote fisheries in the “Lower 48” and also some of our nation's most well-known including Soda Butte Creek and Slough Creek in the park. 

Chic "Bear Bait" Born and Brett "Soda Butte" Smith on patrol

A big cutty on Soda Butte Creek

It was great to see everyone and enjoy yet another wonderful fishing experience. FISH XXV had a few new attendees this as well as most of the old guard. Some attendees have been on over twenty of these adventures. We enjoyed some great weather early and late in our week and tolerated some rain and snow during the middle. But despite the ups and downs dictated by the weather, we always managed to have a great time together.

Again, in order to access these widely dispersed fisheries, we headquartered FISH XXV at the 7D Ranch between Cody, Wyoming and Cooke City Montana. The 7D opened in the 1950's and is a quintessential dude ranch. Situated in a simply stunning valley, the 7D is well positioned to both fish Yellowstone National Park and all the streams and creeks that flow through the basin. When driving through this area, views of the Absaroka Wilderness, the Clarks Fork Canyon and the Beartooth Plateau present a panorama of soaring heights, plunging canyons, secretive valleys and high mountain meadows. In addition to the outstanding scenery, we enjoyed comfortable accommodations in the form of rustic cabins heated by woodburning stoves and simply delicious and often surprising food (like the baked mahi mahi that was impeccably prepared by our chef or the wonderful baked goods by our pastry chef!). Our food was not only delicious, but the staff outstanding and a lot of fun!

Here then is a photo essay dedicated to FISH XXV. My thanks to all for a wonderful 25th year celebration! Now on to FISH XXVI!

Chad Olsen on the Shoshone River

Guides Aaron and Brett act up when asked to smile!

A big brown!

Rigged and ready... is Ursa!

Dr. Steve Peskoe with a big cutthroat on the Shoshone

A cold, yet productive, day in Yellowstone

An early afternoon hatch of green drakes nets a big cutthroat.

Chad Olsen with a unique storage system for streamers

The 7D can really dress up lunch bag!

David Turner with fat 'bow!

David Turner lands another fish!

and another!

...the dynamic duo looking for the river