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Julie and Chic

Beautiful River!

7D Ranch

Terry, Chic and Brett all wadered-up! 

Deep in a canyon

Mark Rydberg and guide Stuart Dominick

Brad Skillman catches a brookie near his cabin on a "cane" rod.

John Ryan and Chad Sukurs

Fresh grizzly tracks can give an angler a "moment".

 Chad Sukurs, Mark Ryberg, Brad Skilman and John Ryan

Cliff Beyler and guide Brett Smith at Monster Lake

Cliff Beyler and guide Brett Smith with a great 'bow at Monster Lake

Julie Carmichael and Steve Peskoe with a big brown on the Shoshone River

A grizzly in Yellowstone near Tower Junction

 Steve Peskoe and guide Chad Olsen on the Shoshone

 Julie comes up empty-handed!

Chad Sukurs with a fish and a friend

A famous neurosurgeon arrives

Famous neurosurgeon (left) and legendary guide (right) see each other again after almost 20 years

Matt Jenkins with a 21" cut from Slough Creek