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Recently, as many have heard, Yellowstone National Park announced a ban on felt-soled wading boots. Whether you're within proximity to YNP or not, you should be aware of the change if you live close to or might be traveling there. 

This announcement will undoubtedly create some confusion and will most likely cause a “perceived" domino effect. Currently, the following states have a ban on felt soled wading boots: Maryland, Alaska, Missouri, Nebraska, Rhode Island and South Dakota. Through our research we cannot find another state currently looking at banning felt. In fact, we believe that those states that were remotely thinking about it, pulled back. 

That said, education on the subject is critical — the fisherman with rubber-soled wading boots who is irresponsibly not cleaning and drying their boots is worse than the fisherman with the felt-soled wading boots who ensures his/her boots are cleaned and dried. Felt is not the boogey man and as we all know, is not the only method for transporting invasive species. 
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