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We visit the "Mecca" of flyfIshing, West Yellowstone Montana... 

FISH XXVII in the morning frost on one of the rafts.
Our headquarters for FISH XXVII

The annual FISH Trip (Forum for Indiana Subjects in Healthcare) just adjourned last week. This year was our 27th year... FISH XXVII! For this year's trip we chose as our headquarters the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch near West Yellowstone, Montana. From here, we could fish the Gallatin, Missouri and Madison Rivers and in Yellowstone National Park, the Firehole, Gibbon and Madison Rivers. These rivers are the “Classics”... some of our nation's most well-known, and in some case, exotic trout streams. Despite some of the rivers in Yellowstone Park being closed due to forest fires, the rivers we could access both inside and outside the park certainly did not disappoint.

A nice Cutthroat! 
Firehole River rainbow

Now this is a perfect day!

A 20' 'bow from the Missouri

It was great to see everyone and enjoy yet another wonderful fishing experience. FISH XXVII turned out to be a great group. We were a terrific mix of veterans and rookies. We meshed well and had a great time together. We enjoyed some great fall weather early and only a slight bit of rain towards the end. Some of our days showcased absolutely perfect fall weather with little or no wind under a cloudless sky.

A solid big bow!

Again, in order to access these classic rivers with the least drive time,  we headquartered FISH XXVII at the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch. The 9 Quarter Circle Ranch is 34 miles from West Yellowstone followed by a five mile drive up the beautiful Taylor Fork Road in the Gallatin National Forrest. The ranch is perfectly located to fish Yellowstone National Park and the many streams and creeks that flow through the area. We enjoyed comfortable accommodations in the form of rustic cabins heated by woodburning stoves and classic western meals. Our food was delicious, and the staff very accommodating! 

Here then is a photo essay dedicated to FISH XXVII. My thanks to all for a wonderful trip! Next year FISH XXVIII... I hope everyone can make it!

A little sage eau de cologne for this pronghorn antelope.

John Hoover works on a rising fish during our lunch break

John Hoover and a beautiful rainbow!

Dawn on another perfect day

Chad works on the permitting process...
...while I work on the daily fishing/guide assignments... with revisions!
Chad Olsen and Steve Peskoe fish just before the geyser in the backgound goes off. 
We were most certainly in bear country!
John David Hoover probes the Firehole and its crystal clear waters... geysers and hot pots gurgle and steam around him.

Steve Peskoe has a take on the lower Gallatin...
Steve Peskoe and "our" big brown. Steve found it and hooked it.. I somehow hooked it again on a "Hail Mary" cast after it got off.
A fatty!
And there it goes...

Enough said!