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Jeff in Cuba... that country will never be the same.
As much as I fear unleashing Jeff Rodenberg on the peaceful nation of Costa Rica, the dye is now cast. Boats are reserved, guides are secured and monies are transferred. In other words, it is too late. He and his daughter will arrive in Costa Rica soon. As such, I have notified the American Embassy in San Jose to be fully prepared for an international incident. So Costa Rica, if you let him in, you deal with consequences. As before, my comments are in red.

Hey team,

OK...departure is so close now I can taste it dudes! I can taste it!..... you may have noticed, I might be a tad overdue for a vacation...if not a prescription refill.... (You think!

... Most importantly tonight, I think we can all agree to add Peter to the family, because just like the rest of you (despite Scott’s likely-issued and wisely-experienced counsel), Peter also made the grievous mistake of contacting me now he is my friend too... (Be afraid Peter, very afraid)

After which, Scott threw him under the bus in his now I just can’t stomach the thought of leaving Peter out...As much as Peter might prefer same...

....but just to be clear, Peter, despite what the “Mueller Report” may have found in terms of indictable evidence, you might consider the possibility there was still collusion between the (former) president and your “friends” Clark and Hank in this matter...just sayin’...

But I digress (several times in fact), and have produced, tonight, the newest member of the family, “Petey the Parakeet”.... says “Petey”...right there on the popper....with magic marker...and his head duct-taped to his body...

“Pretty birrrddddd”... (somehow Jeff's reference to "Dumb and Dumber" seems very apropos.)

Did I mention I’m overdue for vacation? (yes, see above. God help Costa Rica, I think the only ones safe are the sailfish.)

Welcome to the family Peter!


P.S. Scott, my dear, dear friend....I’ll get back to your request for lid return tomorrow...through our respective attorneys... (Someone from the office sent Jeff some AD hats and stickers. When we found out we requested he send them back asap or agree in writing never to wear them in public... hey, bad press is bad press!)