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A word from our outfitting partner in Cuba...

Dear Angling Destinations,

Here at Avalon we place the utmost priority on the welfare of our clients and we seek to do everything in our power to ensure that you are properly informed and cared for. With recent comments from national security adviser, John Bolton, coming out this week regarding Cuba and increased restrictions, we feel that this is a good time to reach out to make sure that you, as our valued clients and friends, are up to speed on what has transpired. The main substance of the speech on April 17th was to enact Title III of the Helms Burton Act, which has received waivers from every single president in the last couple of decades. By removing this waiver, it has opened up the possibility of Cuban exiles to file suit against foreign companies profiting from land seized by the Cuban government after the revolution. Rest assured, we are not one of these unfortunate foreign entities, and we have taken steps in the 27 years of Avalon's history to make sure we are doing business completely legally and without connection to compromised territories. 

Furthermore, in relation to talks of further tightening travel restrictions for US travelers to Cuba, there is absolutely nothing concrete whatsoever enacted at this moment. We may see some adjustments made by the OFAC on some of the travel categories, but just like the 2016 Trump speech, we found that very minor amendments were made months later and travel with Avalon to Cuba remained completely legal. Remember, we are engaged in the largest conservation initiative in the Caribbean, and by traveling with us you are contributing to this conservation program and making it a reality. Without your continued involvement, our guides would not be out patrolling the marine parks and our fish would remain unprotected, leaving them susceptible to exploitation. Our sustainable conservation model relies on your continued support and we will always do everything in our power to make sure that your trips with us to Cuba are enriching, fun, memorable and completely legal.

We will be working tirelessly to stay informed and improve the quality of our operations and conservation programs. During this interim, please maintain confidence and demand facts over political chatter. Once we hear of any updates we will certainly reach out to keep you abreast of the ongoing situation. For now, we are as excited as ever! It's tarpon season and we have had an incredible bounty of wonderful reports coming in from all of our locations in Cuba. In an effort to share some more of the good stuff with you, we want to extend the following offers for the coming months and years.

Thank you!!
The Avalon Staff