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View of San Felipe from the hotel's rooftop.
I just got a report this morning from the west coast of the Yucatan at San Felipe.
My friend Tony Wendtland is there with a group of friends including his sons Kit and Taylor, Martin MacCarty and his son Ford and Lynn Stewart.

Tony reports... 
"Good first day here at San Felipe. Everyone boated at least two fish and Lynn Stewart caught his first tarpon on a fly rod. Guides and the lodge staff and staff are great."

and a bit later...

"Classic late May here. Still killer mornings and then a hot windy day and a brief, but good late day with fish up even with some breeze. The service and food has been excellent. Marco is here checking on us too."

"T and Ford are taking chest harness Go Pro videos each day. I even have one of the interior of the hotel now. I will share them with you when we get back."