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Here are some additional photos taken by trip members. 
Thanks to all that made this fantastic trip posssible!

Anna Riggs:
"The picture of the musicians, and the little boy, and restaurant were all taken in Cojímar, where Hemingway was inspired to write The Old Man and the Sea. I wanted to go see the little town and the bay, so we went there before going to the Hemingway/Gellhorn home. We also saw Hemingway's boat the Pilar.  
Love these photos Anna!




Doug Jeffries:
Doug always adds a few great shots to the mix! Some great snook photos here.



Jim "Big Fish" Woollett:
Mutton snapper, jack crevalle, huge tarpon... nice examples of what Cuba has to offer. Thanks Jim!

Keith Calhoun:
Some great photos here. Thanks Keith! You were a great addition to our group this year. See you in 2020.