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My very dear friends Anna Riggs and Steve Peskoe spent a few days with me in Wyoming at the end of June. We toured around northeast Wyoming fishing (and eating!) as we went.

Runoff was unexpectedly not over. In past years, runoff is usually well over by mid-June, but this year it is still continuing into early July. As a result we had some slow fishing in fast water and some very good fishing in the streams that were just coming into shape. But, even when it was slow we had a GREAT time together. Thanks for that you two.
What follows are some photos of our trip. 
The streams shall remain unnamed:

A few eats on the top at this ranch!
Anna enjoys a perfect Wyoming day!

Time out...


Steve Peskoe and Clark Smyth try to coax some fish to the surface

Streamers really work during runoff!
...and Dr. Peskoe give us proof!
...a beautiful 20" brown!