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Fishing the Wyoming Hinterlands with Dan Cerven

I was lucky enough to spend some time a week or so ago with my old friend Dan Cerven. I've known Dan for over 20 years and when he gets a chance to come to Wyoming to fish, I love to join him for a day or two. Dan has a great sense of humor and also happens to be a first rate angler.

Dan Cerven in his element.
Dan fishes bamboo only so his fishing style is relaxed and very effective. Many years ago, I hooked Dan up with my friend and guide Chad Olsen... now they fish together quite a few times each year. They are like brothers. As they travel around sampling the best fishing spots in Wyoming and sometimes Montana, they argue about flies, fishing techniques and equipment and when they are not doing that, they give each other a ration of shit. It's a lot of fun to watch... I just sit back and enjoy.
On Day One, we fished an absolutely stunning canyon stretch on a stream that will remain unnamed. Here we caught hefty browns and rainbows up to 16 inches all on dry flies. It was tight casting and somewhat challenging as the water was crystal clear and the fish a bit wary.

We still managed to catch lots of brightly colored trout and had a great time together. Thanks Dan and Chad for great day!
Next the three of us travel to fish the Bighorn River in Wyoming.
We picked Dan up at the international airport... (don't believe everything you read on the internet
It was beautiful fall day!




Chad Olsen sticks a fat little trout.
...and even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then. you can see, I was having fun!