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 More Photos from Acklins, Island November 2-9, 2019
Mrs. Bain has turned the reins over to her son Brian.


Wow J. J. that is so much green!
My Avalonette keeled bonefish fly.... money!
Inmate 2019... Mike Schwartz
Dominoes at the airport
A gentleman removes bundles of Cascarilla bark after soaking them for 3 days.
Campari is an Italian drink developed by Gaspare Campari in 1860. It is made by steeping a secret mixture of herbs (mostly cascarilla bark) in alcoholic spirits, creating a strongly flavored and very alcoholic beverage. It is in the family of drinks known as bitters, because they feature herbs and bark that lend a distinctly bitter flavor to the beverage.
Thanks Ney for all your help!
The view through the screen on the verandah
The photos below are by Doug Jeffries.... beautiful!