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Derry Ryan catches BIG Bone on Crooked Island

By Scott Heywood

I recently received some photos from my friend in Ireland, Derry Ryan. The photos are from his trip to Crooked Island. Derry has been bonefishing with us for many years and his group of Irishmen is well received everywhere they go. I'm always told by guides and lodge owners how much fun his group is... and how much they enjoy a good beer! 

I thought the readers of this blog might be interested in seeing the photo of a fish that Derry caught. I think it's imporatnt to note that although Crooked and Acklins Islands have many bonefish in the 3-5 lb. range, there are a few monsters roaming around too! Nice job Derry!

Here is the initial e-mail from Derry:

Hi Scott, I’ve attached a few photos from our trip of Nov 19.  The bonefish was estimated at just over 9lbs based on its length. It was late afternoon and quite windy and this fish was tailing happily with a few others which makes life exciting! I saw some fish during the 10 days that were double digit + but didn’t make a connection. I caught my first trigger out at the Fish Cay and will spend more time next trip on Trigger Flats!

Talk soon, 


I responded:

That is a very nice bone. For my own info, what was his length? He not only is long, but pretty stout too! I too am seeing more and more big bones on Crooked/Acklins… and more permit!

Cool you got out to Fish Cay! I love that area… it is very wild out there. I fished there 30 years ago and there were many schools of over a thousand fish surrounded by a half dozen sharks and barracuda. Every few minutes a predator would rush in to attack a bone. The whole school would rise up. Some bones would jump out of the water while the others packed into a tight ball. I will never forget the sound! Sometimes a red stain could be seen, sometimes nothing. I never cast into the school… it seems inappropriate somehow. I just stood there and watched. Ok, I’ll stop my reminisce…
Derry's answer:
Hi Scott,
The fish was 26.5” to fork of tail. The fish cays is my favourite place to fish - as you say it’s wild and have it to yourself. We trolled wahoo plugs down the outside of Long Cay and around to fish cays with only a few cuda to show for our trouble. Clinton couldn’t believe we got no wahoo as conditions were perfect!!  We caught the outgoing tide on the first cay and had solid action [on bonefish] for hours.  
Talk soon 

 THANKS Derry for the photos! I love to see photos from our clients trips... In this instance, it gave me a chance to live vicariously while enduriung a Wyoming winter!