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April in Wyoming

By Scott Heywood

Last night. winter returned to Wyoming. On Saturday, it had been 63 degrees. While this snowfall adds to an already great snowpack (which the trout will love to slither through in a month or so), we were getting used to warmer weather and less clothes.



But a problem lurks and just like the rest of the nation, in Wyoming we too are holed up. We are ordering curbside grocery pickups, watching Netflix, cooking, exercising, tying flies, and putting in gardens. Our dogs are loving the attention. I’m working at home busy helping Hank reschedule trips and communicate with our clients. And yes, I’m beginning to worry about our TP supply. As I said, it snowed (5 inches) last night. Last Saturday it was 65... And I went fishing.


I went to a small ranch outside of Buffalo, Wyoming. The owners are steeped in the Basque tradition.






To us in Wyoming, this means sheep and warm hospitality. Before I jumped in my waders and slid into the river, I watched (at a safe distance) the kids play with the new arrivals. It warmed my heart and brought a sense of normality to a distinctly abnormal world. And yes, I caught some fish. But that didn't seem so important. What was important was to be knee-deep in a perfect stream watching a beautiful corner of the world unaffected by all the unknowns we are experiencing. 

More updates soon and even some with info about the thing we all love... fly fishing!