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Tying Instructions for Scott's Knockout 

By Clark Smyth

Here are the tying instructions for Scott's Knockout. The evolution of this pattern are detailed in the previous blog post here.

 STEP 1.  Size 6 saltwater hook. 

STEP 2.  Tie in bead-chain eyes (black) with a little room to tie in keel between bead-chain and hook eye.

STEP 3.  Tie in Trigger Point EP Fibers (hot orange).

STEP 4.  Tie in flash (root beer).

STEP 5.  Tie in rubber legs (yellow and off-white) and then shrimp monofilament eyes.

STEP 6.  Tie in EP fibers (off-white).

STEP 7.  Tie in Keel (25lb. mono).

STEP 8.  Tie in and wrap half-way back Diamond Braid (pearl).

STEP 9.  Put EP Fibers (tan) in a dubbing loop and palmer between Diamond Braid to behind bead-chan eyes.

STEP 10.  Tie in Micro Zonker Strips (tan).

STEP 11.  Dub collar behind and in bwtween bead-chain eyes.

STEP 12.  Add hot bead, then 4 gunmetal beads (7/64” tungsten) and tie off keel at hook eye.

STEP 13.  Scott’s Knockout: