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Here are the tying instructions for Scott's Knockout. The evolution of this pattern are detailed in the previous blog post here.

 STEP 1.  Size 6 saltwater hook. 

STEP 2.  Tie in bead-chain eyes (black) with a little room to tie in keel between bead-chain and hook eye.

STEP 3.  Tie in Trigger Point EP Fibers (hot orange).

STEP 4.  Tie in flash (root beer).

STEP 5.  Tie in rubber legs (yellow and off-white) and then shrimp monofilament eyes.

STEP 6.  Tie in EP fibers (off-white).

STEP 7.  Tie in Keel (25lb. mono).

STEP 8.  Tie in and wrap half-way back Diamond Braid (pearl).

STEP 9.  Put EP Fibers (tan) in a dubbing loop and palmer between Diamond Braid to behind bead-chan eyes.

STEP 10.  Tie in Micro Zonker Strips (tan).

STEP 11.  Dub collar behind and in bwtween bead-chain eyes.

STEP 12.  Add hot bead, then 4 gunmetal beads (7/64” tungsten) and tie off keel at hook eye.

STEP 13.  Scott’s Knockout: