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My September: Part 2

By Scott Heywood

Despite the weird year we are all experiencing, a reduced roster from the FISH group decided to make the foray to Wyoming for five days of fishing walk and wade fishing. This was to be the 29th year of FISH! (see last year's trip here)

The goal of this year's FISH trip was to explore the many small streams that drain out of the Bighorn Mountains. We planned to headquarter FISH at at beautiful log lodge situated on the banks of one of the beautiful streams we would be fishing. This lodge comes complete with a lovely view of the Bighorn Mountains and we/Angling Destinations arranged a private chef for the group. The guides met us at the lodge each morning and from there we spiked out to fish numerous streams in the area. We were a group of six down from 26 last year. Trip leader, Chad Sukurs summed up the trip with these words:

 "Although we were disappointed that many were unable to join us this year, a small group (nicknamed “The Few. The Proud.”) was able to enjoy FISH XXIX last week at a beautiful place just south of Sheridan, Wyoming.  The group enjoyed small stream trout fishing at its absolute finest, with 3 and 4 weight rods dominating the time and careful placement required to snag some very spooky fish. 

Thanks to Scott Heywood and the Angling Destinations team for curating a fantastic trip filled with fishing variety! 

Thanks also to Brad Skillman for educating us about the Native American history of the region, including the Dull Knife Massacre (, which was the location of one of our fishing days. "

It was great to see the FISH members that made the trip. We all had a great time and as good as this year's trip was, I definitely look forward to seeing the full group next year when our lives, hopefully, have moved past the "new normal"!

Here are some of the photos from FISH XXIX:

Brad Skilman fires a nice loop at a classic cut bank.

And is rewarded for his accuracy!


We release a fat brown taken on a hopper from a jumble of debris.

Meanwhile, on another stream, big browns lurk below.

...and a few big rainbows too!

Chad Sukurs rears back on a morning fish.


...and relaxes once it is in the net.

Beautiful streams, beautiful fall days!

My day with Brad Skilman was terrific with great sightfishing for hefty browns.

Can't beat this!

Rigging up in the morning.

The FISH XXIX group. We had a ball!