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My September: Part One

By Scott Heywood

My busy, fish-filled September began early in the month with the arrival of the Dental Education Adventures group. This group of dentists, led by Drs. Brian Crock and Larry Towning, are a very eager and yet, laid back crew that certainly knows how to have a good time. I've know Larry and Brian for many years having traveled with them to the Bahamas (numerous times) and the Seychelles. In addition, I've arranged many of their DEA venues. I was very much looking forward to their visit. Not only would I get to see my old friends, but I would get to fish with them a couple days! Now, that is a great combination!

I really enjoyed both fishing and hanging out with these guys. We were lucky enough to fish a few of the best private ranches in the Powder River area, as well as, Piney Creek and a classic cutthroat creek in the Bighorn Mountains. Here are a few photos from their trip:

The DEA crew all rigged and ready!

Looking for heads on Piney Creek.

Dr. Larry Towning shows us Wyoming boys how it's done. The results are classified.

Piney Creek shows off a good brown.

Bighorn mountains offer up some...

Great rewards!


again and again...

Next: The FISH Group arrives...