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After our great days on the East Slope of the Bighorns, we spent the next few days on the Wind/Bighorn River. We floated a number of sections on the river with success rates from good to great. We had terrific weather. While this idyllic weather was beautiful and very comfortable, unfortunately it was not always the best for the fishing. But despite the suffering we endured due to these beautiful fall days, we did manange to catch fish every day... and the fish we caught were simply amazing. 

Ech day we rigged a quiver of rods: streamer rod, nymph rig complete with strike indicator, a hopper/dropper rig and a dry fly rig. We caught fish on each setup. We switched back and forth as the conditions dictated.

Deep run... nymph rig. Structure... streamer. Heads... dry fly rig. Fast shallow seam... hopper dropper. 

When we connected, it was game on. We caught mostly rainbows and almost all were in the 19-22 inch range.

Here are a few photos from our days on the river (as we now head into mid-November, I wish I was there right now):

Scott takes a gander at his rainbow that fills the net. 


A beautiful float on a beautiful day.



The work and the...


OK, so maybe went a little overboard on the rods!

Tricos were definitely coming off!

But the bigger fish seemed to opt for a bigger meal when offered.

Chad Olsen's Rad Dad.

It worked well!

What a great few days! What could be more perfect... good weather, good friends and great fishing! See ya' summer, we'll start to look for you in the early spring!