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Being "home" for the holidays has new meaning this year. We all have been home far longer than we want. Most of us have not traveled for 10 months now. Some of us are going a bit stir crazy. Others are flat-out catatonic. Not me, I'm fine... but I have been working on oraganizing my trout flies. As you can see below, I'm not going stir crazy at all. I'm fine...really!

Normally, this time of year, I'm madly tying a few permit, tarpon or bonefish flies. But since all this craziness started, I decided to up my trout game after a summer of searching fly boxes for that "right" fly and jamming too many boxes into my pack in an effort to cover the bases. I've been telling myself to do this for years, but preparations for international travel, mostly saltwater, took precedence. 

The first step was to collect all my similar flies and get them together. My flies were in a myriad of boxes large and small. Hoppers... look in one of six boxes of varying histories and sizes. Baetis... look in those little circular boxes you get at the fly shop or in one of seven other boxes with emergers and duns all mixed up. You get the idea! The next step was to get those similar flies into boxes. Now that WAS a bit tedious...

You now see the finished product: Everthing is organized so attractor nymphs are with attractor nymphs, beetles with beetles and PMD's with PMD's. The surplus went downstairs ready to refill boxes as needed. I know you trout anglers will understand!

You other anglers, please don't judge me... I know I'm ill, but you gotta admit, there is something beautiful about an organized box of trout flies!