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To my "concerned" friends regarding your comments about the reorganization of my flies,

All you treachereous traitorous should all be ashamed! I'm fine...really. I'm not kidding.
Most days I sit comfortably in my quiet, pale green room at the Bighorn Home for Wayward Anglers.
I get to eat lots of day-glo jello with lovely little marshmallows floating in it. I chuckle as my former friends try to decide my proper therapy... as if I needed any!
But, I was wondering...
Does anyone have any 16/0 light fushia thread and a box of #24 TMC 100 hooks?
Also need some .001mm copper beads.
And gentlemen, as a way of answering my critics, I caught this yesterday.
I had tied a #18 Rainbow Warrior midge, it was 27 degrees and my guides were icing up badly. 
 The hospital let me out on my own recognizance. 
I stopped by the fly shop for more Coq de Leon tailing fibers on the way to the river.
Obsession has its rewards.
Excuse me, ...time for my sponge bath.