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Mongolia Fly Fishing Trips and Lodges

Taimen has bragging rights as the largest member of the salmonid family. They are renowned for their size, ferocious appetites, and heart-stopping strikes. Watching a four-foot taimen propel its entire body out of a gin-clear stream to slam a dry fly and then playing this monster to hand is truly a life-altering experience. Mongolian taimen typically average over three feet. It's not uncommon to encounter monsters over four feet and the river we fish holds behemoths reaching over five feet. Also, this river produces phenomenal numbers of grayling and two types of trout: lenok and the Manchurian trout. Some might venture to this area of Mongolia for only the trout fishing and be satisfied, but when you add in that this may be the best spot in the world for giant taimen, you have a world-class angling destination.