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Inagua is the third largest and most southerly island in the Bahamas chain. Inagua’s north shore boasts an extensive creek system and two large exterior flats. These areas hold good numbers of larger than average bonefish and a few real monsters.  In addition, permit often tail on the rocky bars and coral ledges. It is not uncommon to get a few shots at permit each day. The south shore of Inagua has four major flats and two good creeks. It’s mostly bonefishing on the south shore, but again the fish are healthy and some truly large. 

Sitting in the interior of the island, 12 mile long Lake Windsor is a maze of channels, mangrove tunnels and dead end bays. This unique area teems with tarpon and some big snook. Combined with the exterior flats that hold permit and bonefish, Inagua is perhaps the most unique fishery in the Bahamas.

One word of caution, because Inagua is somewhat difficult to reach and because the island requires a certain flexibility of attitude, we recommend Inagua to experienced and hearty anglers only. Inagua is for the "eat, fish, and sleep" crew. There is no nightlife, no “lodge” ambiance, no hors d’oeuvres… just a big island with lots of fish. If you want to experience the Bahamas the way it was 40 years ago, Inagua may be for you.

Accommodations are in the form of a comfortable duplex. The bedrooms are air-conditioned, the bathrooms are clean, and there is a great spot on the shore to enjoy a cold libation before dinner.  A local woman cooks and provides typical Bahamian fare.

Perhaps the best way to explain this unique fishery is to say this is our most rebooked fishery in the Bahamas. Anglers jealously guard their weeks and it is sometimes hard to find availabilty. If you are a experienced angler, this should tell you something. We are happy to provide more details on request.


Double OccupancySingle OccupancyNights/Days

Included: Accommodations, meals, guided fishing, airport pick-up/drop-off
Not Included: 10% VAT (Bahamas Value Added Tax), guide & staff gratuities, airfare to Inagua Island, equipment, flies

*This destination is a Friday to Friday stay to coincide with the flight schedule to Inagua.