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Cayo Largo located in the south central region of the Cuban Archipelago and one of the last truly untouched saltwater ecosystems that has changed little in centuries. Although dubbed by some as the permit capital, you can expect to catch the spectrum of flats and reef species during your time at Cayo Largo.

Cayo Largo can be enjoyed via the land based program Hotel Sol or while at seas via a luxury live a board yacht.

Cayo Largo isn't just for the anglers; there is fun for the entire family to be had. Whether you're wading the white sand flats or in search of a palometa, at the end of a chain of islands, having a cocktail in the hotel pool or participating in one of the numerous activities the resort has to offer. Although the fishing is taken very seriously here, this a location that works for everyone.


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Program VessellDouble OccupancySingle OccupancyNon-Angler RatesDays/Nights
Hotel Sol (9/1-3/7) Low Season$4,900$7,300$2,5007/6
Hotel Sol (3/7-7/4) High Season$7,900$11,800$2,9007/6
Jardines Avalon 1 (3/21-6/27) High Season$6,325$12,650N/A7/6
Jardines Avalon 1 (2/1-3/20) Low Season$4,495$8,995N/A7/6

Included: Reception at airport, 7 nights accommodation, 6 days guided fishing, meals, beverages
Not included: Conservation fee, VISA, beverages, Havana hotel/meals/transfers, airfare

*Included/Not Included vary based on program*