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Costa Rica Fly Fishing Trips and Lodges

Costa Rica, or the "rich coast" in English, lives up to its name in many ways. It is a land of high mountains, dense jungles, and incredible natural wonders. It is also offers an exceptional experience for angling enthusiasts, especially when it comes to its inshore waters. Both the rich Pacific and warmer water Caribbean coasts create a haven for a large diversity of species, offering adventure in many forms. Anglers who choose to visit the Carribean Costa Rica will have opportunities pursue species like snook, tarpon, permit, jacks, and barracuda presenting a thrilling challenge. Meanwhile, the Pacific coast offers the versatility of chasing likes of Sailfish, tuna, wahoo, makrel as well as other deep water pelagics. The variety of options offer an intimate encounter with Costa Rica's aquatic life. With stunning backdrops of lush rainforests and pristine beaches, fishing in Costa Rica is not just a sport, but a communion with nature at its most vibrant. Costa Rica is bordered on the north by Nicaragua and on the east by Panama. This small democratic, easy to travel in nation really ought to be on any traveling aglers must-see list. Let Angling Destinations steer your Costa Rican angling adventure accordingly!