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Cuba Fly Fishing Trips and Lodges

There’s a reason you've likely heard about fly-fishing in Cuba. Its where endless flats extend farther than you can see. Its where tailing bonefish cruise by the hundreds in shallow tidal estuaries searching for opportunities. It's where permit happily tip and twirl along the foamy periphery and where tarpon roll - their backs glistening in the early morning sun. All of this made possible by their environmentally conscientious government. Yes, the same government that is responsible for all of the other reasons you've heard of Cuba. By working together with communities to protect critical habitats, a country the size of Tennessee has set aside 20% as protected wilderness' and national parks.

Additionally, Cuba has recognized that sustainable use of marine biodiversity is a priority and has created a network of more than 150 Marine Protected Areas that cover 25% of the Cuban insular shelf. Cuba has done a better job in integrating sustainable fishing strategies with marine reserves than any other country on the planet and it shows. Cuba is the only country in the world that meets the conditions of sustainable development put forth by the World Wide Fund for Nature and all of their 150 Marine Protected Areas are virtually devoid of human footprints. No commercial fishing, only catch-and-release fly-fishing for a select few all to measure the health of the ecosystem. Fishing in Cuba is a window into the Caribbean as it looked in Columbus' time!