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We spend a great deal of time and money exploring new fisheries. We love this part of our job and since all of us at Angling Destinations are diehard anglers, we are dedicated to exploring worldwide angling opportunities. All too often, we find ourselves caught in a classic "Catch 22". If we publish an advertisement in a fishing magazine or post a trip report on our website, we have unfortunately "let the cat out of the bag". Much to our dismay, often it doesn't take long for this new fishery to be "discovered". It's a maddening thing to see great fisheries exploited often with not even a glance at the proper carrying capacity of the resource. We know it is frustrating for the traveling angler too. You find a great spot, one that you would like to return to many times, but soon the destination is in every catalog and your "secret" spot is now the "hot" spot. So what do we do?

DESTINATION-X is the answer. These are fisheries not well known, hard to get to and have some sort of unique offering. They may be spots we have discovered and just filed away for later use or they may be spots that were once known, but now have fallen off the angling map for various reasons.

We may only plan a week or perhaps a few weeks of trips to these places. We may fish the area cherry picking the best times and tides and then let the fishery recover the rest of the year. We may go back the following year or we may not. We may use a live-aboard yacht as our base or we may set up a tent camp. We may stay in a local hotel or base ourselves out of a resort. Some destinations may be guided some may not.

We will not publicize the exact location of any DESTINATION-X. We are going to keep our mouths shut and fly "under the radar"! This is where you come in. We're asking our guest anglers to do the same! That means no trip reports... good or bad. No "Angling Report" articles, no internet trip reports. We will ask trip participants to keep as quiet as humanly possible about these destinations. We know we can't enforce this, but we can ask for a gentleman's agreement and we think most dedicated, hardcore anglers will see the logic in all this. If you don't agree or can't promise your cooperation, please don't inquire about DESTINATION-X.