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Seychelles Fly Fishing Trips and Lodges

The Seychelles are comprised of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Likely the most remote oceanic archipelago on the planet and an extraordinary destination for fly-anglers. The Seychelles provides some of the most unbelievable fly-fishing opportunities in the world. Hundreds of species of fish feed on the flats and lagoons of these isolated islands and atolls where the Bonefish, Indo-pacific Permit and giant trevally (the "gangsters" of the flats) are the main event. Angling Destinations was one of the first groups to explore the Seychelles and report back to the angling community on the incredible bonefishing to be found there. We continue to explore the more remote atolls and are the best qualified to help you plan your trip. If you choose to make the commitment of time, energy and money, you will be rewarded with incredible beauty and the best flats fishing on earth!