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Freshwater is our life-blood. We need it to survive. There is something ethereal and comforting when we immerse ourselves in and around something so intrinsic to life. People have utilized marine environments as a resource since the dawn of time but had to remain near sources of fresh water for survival. Much like the anadromous fish that swam upstream eons before people, we too went to great lengths in exploring coastal rivers ever farther upstream. Resident fish proved a vital part of those early explorations; something that rings true with explorations that have yet to embark.

Much of the world’s freshwater is remote and hard to access, undiscovered fisheries are undoubtedly still numerous. This spirit whole-heartedly remains ar the core of who we are at Angling Destinations. We will continue to offer fly-fishing opportunities that are at the forefront of what’s still out there.

The sheer number of freshwater destinations to visit are innumerable. We have hand-picked a notable few and others that you may never have heard of or wish you had. We're constantly seeking out wild and scenic places very much well worth exploring. From Alaska to New Zealand, Africa to the Amazon, we are here to steer you straight. We want your freshwater adventure to be tailored to your objectives and your budget. We're here to help - every step of the way, to ensure you return yearning for more!