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Grab your gear and explore the world with us!

Angling Destinations' "hosted trips" are designed to help make certain your fishing travel experience is not only well organized but is also smoothly run. We are there to engage in your experience in an effort to make it enlightening, memorable and most importantly, fun! Our professional hosts have countless hours traveling to fish the most remote corners of the globe and bring with them a wealth of knowledge whether it pertains to specific knots, casting tips or localized enhancements to known fly-patterns. We are there to help answer questions that inevitably arise and help serve as a liaison between guests and the lodge staff and guides. All at ZERO additional cost.

Hosted Trips - 2021

Febuary 20-27 ~ La Pescadora, MEXICO (Clark Smyth) BOOKED

March 13-19 ~ Little Abaco Bonefish Lodge, BAHAMAS (Hank Welles) BOOKED

March 13-20 ~ La Pescadora, MEXICO (Clark Smyth) 4 RODS AVAILABLE

April 2-9 ~ The Rising Tide, BELIZE (Cole Burnham) BOOKED

July 3-10 ~ Agua Negra, BOLIVIA (Hank Welles) BOOKED

Sept 3-10 ~ Alaska Rainbow Lodge, ALASKA (Scott Heywood) 1 ROD AVAILABLE

September 26 - October 3 ~ Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge, MEXICO 2 RODS AVAILABLE

Oct 2-9 ~ Kay Fly Fishing Lodge, MEXICO (Cole Burnham) 4 RODS AVAILABLE

Oct 9-16 ~ Little Abaco Bonefish Lodge, BAHAMAS (Scott Heywood) BOOKED

November 13-20 ~ Cayo Cruz, CUBA (Scott Heywood/Chuck Ash) 1 ROD AVAILABLE


UPCOMING Hosted Trips - 2022

Jan 29 - Feb 5 ~ Agua Boa, BRAZIL (Scott Heywood) 1 ROD AVAILABLE

Feb 13-19 ~ White River Arkansas (Chaz Davis) 1 ROD AVAILABLE

Feb 12-19 ~ Pira Lodge, Argentina (Clark Smyth) BOOKED

Mar 12-19 ~ Kay Fly Fishing Lodge, MEXICO (Clark Smyth) 6 RODS AVAILABLE

Apr/May tbd ~ The Rising Tide, BELIZE (Hank Welles) BOOKED

Jul 3-10 ~ Agua Negra, BOLIVIA (Peter Widener) 1 ROD AVAILABLE


UPCOMING Hosted Trips - 2023

Aug 7-14 ~ Ozernaya River Lodge, KAMCHATKA (Hank Welles) 2 RODS AVAILABLE