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Nestled amidst the Andes mountains, approximately 100 kilometers south of Esquel and beyond the outskirts of Corcovado town, The Lodge perches atop a hill, granting breathtaking vistas of the lower Corcovado Valley. This captivating destination finds itself ensconced within the Andes mountain range, far removed from roads, settlements, or nearby neighbors.

The Lodge boasts seven well-appointed, in-suite rooms, featuring a simple yet inviting decor and excellent Argentine cuisine.

The Corcovado River is a remarkable fishing destination, stretching for over 100 kilometers in Argentina before continuing into Chile, where it becomes known as the Palena River. Originating in Vinter Lake, one of the largest lakes in the area, the river benefits from the lake's substantial size and cold temperatures. The initial section of the river serves as a crucial spawning habitat for sizable rainbow trout and the renowned, colossal Brook trout that has garnered global acclaim.

A typical day on the Corcovado offers a mix of whitewater and calmer sections, with the latter being inhabited by Pacific salmon that migrate upstream from Chile for spawning. Some of the largest brown trout of the season are often caught in these waters, as they need to grow to considerable size and strength to thrive in the swift currents. In the lakes, you can target substantial Brook trout, while in the creeks, typically freestone streams, you can have an enjoyable time engaging in sight fishing with dry flies.

The Corcovado region offers an abundance of non-fishing activities as well, such as exhilarating rafting expeditions along the renowned Corcovado River, scenic trekking adventures, and captivating birdwatching opportunities.

Double OccupancyNights

Additional days of fishing: $700

Included: Accomodations, meals and beverages, transfers from Esquel Airport EQS - Lodge - Esquel Airport EQS, guides, fishing licenses, tickets to Los Alerces National Park, flies, and all excursions for non-anglers.

Not included: Airfare, transfers to or from airports other than EQS, special beverage requests, guide and staff gratuities.

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