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Floating with Rock Creek Anglers in a Drift Boat is a fly-fishing experience not to be missed! The lure of big rivers, sweeping vistas, and trophy wild trout are part of what makes Rock Creek Anglers' float-fishing options world-famous!

Montana’s Bighorn River has developed a well-deserved reputation for offering some of the best fly-fishings in the Rocky Mountains. The Bighorn River is known for being a tremendous resource for brown and rainbow trout, many over 18 inches that will fervently eat a dry fly.

Wyoming’s North Platte River offers anglers a chance to hook some of the strongest rainbows, cutthroats, and browns Wyoming has to offer. Situated on the high windswept plains of central Wyoming, the North Platte runs more than 700 miles in Wyoming and the Grey Reef section below Alcova Reservoir, near Casper, Wyoming runs about 60 miles before it stops holding trout. It is home to some extremely large fish without the traffic or pressure associated with today’s tail-waters. The North Platte River has become renowned for the sheer attitude of its trophy-sized trout.

A hundred miles upstream of Montana’s famous Bighorn lies another forty miles of great tailwater trout fishing on the same river. Although somewhat seasonal as well as slightly more technical, Wyoming’s Bighorn River is home to some seriously jaw-dropping trout with a sophistication that can humble the most seasoned of anglers. This lovely piece of water can offer the dry-fly enthusiast a shot at some of the Rocky Mountain West's most handsome trophy trout.

Rock Creek Anglers also offers sight-fishing trips for common carp on area reservoirs with seasonal wade-fishing opportunities. Carp are a difficult quarry on the fly and therefore, has become a popular fish to chase with a fly rod.

Although somewhat seasonal, If you don’t shy away from adventure, we have access to a few short, but distinctive, 1-man float fishing options that are unlike any other offered. Smaller streams and smaller boats make for an adventure unparalleled in the region.