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Wade fishing with Rock Creek Anglers brings you the best of the Bighorn mountain region. Choose to hike into jaw-dropping canyons in search of monster trout, or cast to rising fish at the foot of the Bighorn Mountain's snow-capped peaks. Many people spend a lifetime looking for that one spot; the one that has it all. Well, not only do we think we have found it, we’ve found a few of them. We have access to pristine trout streams that not only look the part but, catch them on a good day and you’ll assuredly set a new standard.

Backcountry Wyoming private water access seems too good to be true. If you choose private water it is yours for the day – you will not see another angler unless you’ve invited them. It's where gentle currents sweep past grassy undercut banks and nervous riffles empty into deep clear pools. It's also where unpressured trout fervently eat your fly. When you book a guided excursion on private water with Rock Creek Anglers you will have a vast array of small creeks and streams to choose from that encompass well over 75 miles of access.

Many of our destinations are so remote that, upon arrival, you feel as though you’ve stepped into the past. It's likely that you’ll fish with the ghosts of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid on the fabled streams that Larry McMurtry eloquently wrote about in Lonesome Dove. 

Cast your fly on one of Rock Creek Anglers' wade fishing trips where both history and wild trout await.